Jennifer C Vigil

Software for Automating Your Business


Having an easy way to schedule calls with students or coaching clients/ mentees will make your life easier. Calendly is a good starter app. The free Basic level allows for one event type, such as a 30-minute call. You can limit the number of events (aka meetings/ calls) scheduled in a day and also set your daily availability (say you want to block daily studio time for 3 hours every morning, so your availability is set from 12 pm – 5 pm). You can also create a buffer before and after events or other calendar items to avoid back-to-back calls. The Premium plan is $10/ mo and allows unlimited event types and integration with Zoom and customizable email notifications and reminders.

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Fast transcription. Upload audio or video files and get a transcript within hours or the next day, depending on the length of the audio/ video. The cost varies depending on the service. The most accurate (99%) is $1.25/ minute and is done by a person. Machine-generated transcription is $.025/ minute but is only 80% accurate. You can also have video captions generated for $1.25/ minute. Foreign subtitles are also an option ranging in price from $3-7. The better the audio quality, the more accurate the machine-generated transcripts. I usually have to go back and correct machine-generated ones, but never the ones done by a person.

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