Fositan 21″ Ring Light. Has remote, dimmable, switch between White light, natural light, and warm light settings. Adjustable tripod. Great lighting for videos of you teaching. Comes with a Bluetooth camera shutter to remotely control your smartphone or tablet.


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QIAYA selfie LED circle light ring for cell phone, tablet or laptop. This is better for short distance lighting. Some people have noted a hazy glow in video and if you experience this you can add a ring of black electrical tape the the inner edge of circle light. Fits easily into a purse or bag for shooting on the go where lighting my not be ideal. Rechargeable. Not a necessary accessory but some people find them useful.


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MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Countinuous Softbox Lighting kit. 20″ x 28″. Includes (2) 5500K light bulb, (1) Soft box with bulb socket, (1) 80″ stand and (1) carrying case. Depending on your video set up you may want two or three of these. The brand I have is more expensive and not available due to Covid-19 supply disruption. This looks similar and much less expensive. The diffused light shouldn’t add glare unless you are videoing highly reflective surfaces. Adjust lighting angle accordingly if you have very shiny surfaces. You can start with one and add more if necessary.**Update: some found the connector at the top of the tripod stand defective and breaks too easily.


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