Jennifer C Vigil

Design Software


Fast and easy graphic design app. Use online through their website or create on the go with their smartphone app. You can copy your designs for easy creation of similar designs. They offer many pre-formatted templates for all your design needs–IG posts or stories, FB posts, Zoom backgrounds, PowerPoint, flyers, handouts, ads, and more. Download designs in various formats–PNG, JPG, PDF, video, animation, GIF. The free plan is versatile, and there are options for app purchases of images, graphics, and elements for $1 (you can also generate income by licensing your graphics and photos with them for other users to lease). The pro plan’s advantage is easy resizing existing designs, saving brand colors and logos, and free access to all of their premium images and elements. There is a free 30-day trial of pro membership.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud applications are designed for editing, organizing, storing, and sharing photos and other digital assets on desktop, mobile, and the web. Create graphics and illustrations to use in your projects. Play with layouts, page designs, and more for publishing. Create and share online videos anywhere.

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