Creating lasting change

7 secrets to lasting change–Part 1

7 secrets to lasting change–Part 1 Content Aspiration isn’t enough. Creating sustainable and important changes that transform you into the person you are called to be is challenging but possible. The steps are relatively simple but overcoming obstacles and the ever-increasing distractions is the challenge. I know this all too well. Like many people, I …

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Create an inspiring sabbatical

How To Create The Inspiring Sabbatical You Deserve

Have you ever wanted to take a sabbatical to have time to focus on a passion project or to just have time to think about the direction you want to go next? Have you been working on a book and just haven’t felt like you have the time away from daily distractions to make the …

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Decision paralysis

Do You Have A Completion Problem?

Do you have any uncompleted projects that are weighing you down? You know, that one you started so long ago you don’t know how much time has passed, but that still makes you cringe when you think about it. Has it really been years? Some of them are just little things, small tasks that you …

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teaching art, making money as an artist, art teacher

Creating Courses That Fill Scholarship Application Open–Apply Now

Registration for Creating Courses That Fill opens Thursday, April 12, 2018. Do you want to learn how to turn your expertise into income teaching what you know and love? Are you interested in adding another income stream to your art business? Creating Courses That Fill is a 6 week live online course that walks you through the whole …

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Teaching art

The Magic of Using Analogy When Teaching Art

Ever wonder what makes one teacher good and another one great? We’ve all been there. You are trying to learn something new, a new art technique, medium, or process and you just aren’t getting it. Why does it seem that one teacher can quickly get you to that “aha moment” while another can’t? What are …

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