Jennifer C Vigil

New Display Shelves-Mother Daughter Bonding Session

Mother daughter bonding session this summer.  My daughter Maya and I made new display shelves.  It was fun (not all the time) and hot.  We drank lots of ice water trying to beat the 100+degree Tucson summer heat.

Mom & Maya cutting boards 2013It was great to have a second set of hands when cutting all the boards.  The shelves consist of one or two hinged and folding ladder structures that 12″ deep shelves slide through.  They fold up and fit easily in my van along with my tent, weights, and other items for shows.  The supports are made out of birch wood and the shelves out of maple faced plywood.

The project wasn’t difficult but next time I definitely would do it during the winter.  Making shelves in the middle of summer in Tucson in the un-airconditioned garage was probably not a good idea.  The new shelves are light weight and breakdown easily.  The design was fairly simple but the execution took longer than I thought.  Isn’t that the way with most things.

Booth OmniHere are 2 of the shelves (4′ and 6′-I also made an 8′ shelf) at the Art Fest at the Omni Resort Oct. 28, 2013.  I also bought a new checkout stand and made new vinyl signs for my booth. Come check out my new shelves and latest work at Tucson Open Studio Tour Nov. 9-10 from 11am – 5pm at my home studio 839 W. Moore Rd., Oro Valley, AZ.



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