Jennifer C Vigil

Eat, Pray, Friendship: Heading to Florence, Italy for 2 Months

Well after a bumpy ICU filled fall I am finally on my way to Italy.  Here I am sporting my new scarf.  Scott, who is taking the picture, is holding my other two bags (checked bag and medicine bag).  So don’t think I am such a frugal packer.  I breezed through TSA.  Didn’t hurt that it was a VERY slow day.  I am now eating my breakfast of almonds and waiting to board.  It has been an exciting morning at the airport.  The F16s have been doing test flights so there are lots of loud take offs and landings.

It feels like spring here already.  I am hoping we don’t get a hard freeze because all the budding trees will be severely harmed.  Well off to London in a bit.  Ciao.


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