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The Magic of Using Analogy When Teaching Art

Teaching art

Ever wonder what makes one teacher good and another one great? We’ve all been there. You are trying to learn something new, a new art technique, medium, or process and you just aren’t getting it. Why does it seem that one teacher can quickly get you to that “aha moment” while another can’t? What are …

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The Shocking Truth About New Year’s Resolutions

Goal setting and New Year's Resolutions

By mid-February, 80% of New Year’s resolutions have failed! Yes, 80%! So you are not alone if you haven’t been able to follow through with yours. You had great aspirations this year! I know, I did too. But it is not too late to course correct. Is this scene familiar. . . It is the …

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Follow Your Muses This Summer

Botticelli's Primavera

Are your muses calling? What are they whispering to you? Summer is the perfect time to slow down and listen to your muses. Sometimes it is hard for us to hear our muses as we get caught up in the cacophony of our daily lives. We’ve all been there–screaming kids, rushing from the moment we get up, …

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Can Three Words Change Your Life?

Can Three Words Change Your Life-Focus, Balance, Exploration

I hope so . . . As New Year’s Day approaches each year, my attention shifts to the possibilities the next twelve months hold–opportunities to travel, finally accomplishing a long-held dream, committing to a daily exercise program and losing those last 10 lbs, etc. The possibilities are endless. January is filled with anticipation, increased determination, …

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