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Do This 1 Thing To Transform Your Relationships

Brene Brown Dare to Lead

The other week I woke up to a frustrated text from my project manager (and yes, I have a project manager aka PM. More on why you might want to hire a PM to help you with your art business). We have been in the process of adding a full-time virtual assistant (VA) to the …

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Do This To Increase Love In Your Life

After over 2 years of isolating and limiting who we spend time with, I know that I often think about the relationships that matter most to me. Who do I want to stay connected with? And the relief that I can let some relationships go. But I also notice that I am expressing my emotions …

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Creating Guideposts for Your Goals–My 3 Words For 2021

My 3 words 2021

Setting New Year’s resolutions is challenging in the best of times, but how do you get clarity and focus during a global pandemic. On the heels of a year that felt like a lifetime, it can feel almost impossible to know what goals are feasible, reasonable, and what is really important. During the end of …

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How to reboot your new year’s resolutions

Reboot your New Year's resolutions

Have you hit the mid-February New Year’s resolution wall? You are not alone if you have lost focus on your resolutions for 2020. Did you know that 80% of people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions by mid-February? There is hope for turning it around. It is not too late to do a …

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Time for a change? How to overcome burnout

Overcoming burnout

Burnout happens but you can overcome it and learn how to avoid it in the future. Burnout doesn’t have to be inevitable. Live your best life now. Are you burnt out from a career that you were once amazingly passionate about? You know, the one that was your dream job and that you were excited …

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