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Are you making this goal setting mistake?

TLDR: Not having margins in your schedule is a common goal-setting mistake and one I am guilty of making. The start of a new year is often bittersweet for me; l am excited for the new year but often want an extra week or two to the old year. This year is no exception. I just …

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Do This 1 Thing To Transform Your Relationships

Brene Brown Dare to Lead

The other week I woke up to a frustrated text from my project manager (and yes, I have a project manager aka PM. More on why you might want to hire a PM to help you with your art business). We have been in the process of adding a full-time virtual assistant (VA) to the …

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Do This To Increase Love In Your Life

After over 2 years of isolating and limiting who we spend time with, I know that I often think about the relationships that matter most to me. Who do I want to stay connected with? And the relief that I can let some relationships go. But I also notice that I am expressing my emotions …

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Creating Guideposts for Your Goals–My 3 Words For 2021

My 3 words 2021

Setting New Year’s resolutions is challenging in the best of times, but how do you get clarity and focus during a global pandemic. On the heels of a year that felt like a lifetime, it can feel almost impossible to know what goals are feasible, reasonable, and what is really important. During the end of …

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How to reboot your new year’s resolutions

Reboot your New Year's resolutions

Have you hit the mid-February New Year’s resolution wall? You are not alone if you have lost focus on your resolutions for 2020. Did you know that 80% of people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions by mid-February? There is hope for turning it around. It is not too late to do a …

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