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3 Things You Can Learn About Teaching From Bob Ross

There is no getting around it… Teaching is a performance. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if your delivery is boring you will lose them. I get it. It is hard. When people ask me what it is like teaching college, I share, “It is like being a stand up comic and dying …

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Deciding what to teach: Who is your ideal student?

Teaching art online Art students painting

When teaching art online deciding what to teaching can be a bit overwhelming. Often people struggle with too many ideas or not knowing what to teach. If you have taught in person, the struggle may be how do you translate an in-person class to an online platform. If you are new to teaching, you may …

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Teaching Art Online Summit

Computer with teaching art online summit image

Are you interested in teaching online but not sure where to start? This 6-hour summit, hosted by Alyson Stanfield owner of Art Biz Success and world-renown art business coach, gives you a behind the scenes look at 6 different teaching platforms and insights from artists using them.  It is a great chance to see how …

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Virtual Teacher Essential Tool Kit

Teaching Art Online Tool Kit

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ~Albert Einstein We are at a moment when the core skill sets of artists are most in-demand: Our ability to be flexible Our ability to come up with unique solutions Our resourcefulness (seeing the beauty and possibility where others do not and creating incredibly inspiring work from what …

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