Reboot your New Year's resolutions

How to reboot your new year’s resolutions

Have you hit the mid-February New Year’s resolution wall? You are not alone if you have lost focus on your resolutions for 2020. Did you know that 80% of people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions by mid-February? There is hope for turning it around. It is not too late to do a …

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Overcoming burnout

Time for a change? How to overcome burnout

Burnout happens but you can overcome it and learn how to avoid it in the future. Burnout doesn’t have to be inevitable. Live your best life now. Are you burnt out from a career that you were once amazingly passionate about? You know, the one that was your dream job and that you were excited …

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Reach your dreams

3 Key Strategies For Reaching Your Dreams

How do you become a fearless dreamer? How do you reach those dreams? Following 3 key strategies make reaching your dreams easier. Your life should inspire you. As I wish for oven mitts so I can safely touch my sizzling steering wheel and cringe at the outside temperature reading, 105 degrees, it is hard to …

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How to control fear

How to control fear & take back your creativity

Is fear holding you back? You have big ideas, and you can see it in your mind but as soon as you start creating (or pursuing that dream or starting that project) that inner doubt and critic stops you in your tracks. We’ve heard it all before–You aren’t smart enough/ talented enough; You can’t do …

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Personal transformation

7 Secrets to lasting change–Part 2

Hopefully, you have had a chance to begin to implement the first 3 secrets. Leaning into change is often more sustainable than going all in. Now it’s time to bring in allies. (To learn about the first 3 secrets, read Part 1). #4 Find support…enlist cheerleaders SUMMARY: Change is hard. It is even harder to …

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