Ted Lasso: Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Jason Sudeikis

Why Ted Lasso Is My Happy Place

TLDR: How we show up in the world matters. Yes, acts of kindness can change the world. Believe in yourself and your dreams and that you can do it. Being true to yourself and working together for the common good matter more than whether you win or lose. We are all flawed, and that is …

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Orvieto, Italy

How to Find Inspiration From The Adventures of a 93 year old

Have you ever heard someone’s life story and been so inspired that it made you reconsider everything that you thought was possible? Well, I had such a moment recently. Let me share the inspiring story of Erika Pauli Bizzarri, an American who came to Italy in the 1950s and never left… Over drinks and antipasti …

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Are you making this goal setting mistake?

TLDR: Not having margins in your schedule is a common goal-setting mistake and one I am guilty of making. The start of a new year is often bittersweet for me; l am excited for the new year but often want an extra week or two to the old year. This year is no exception. I just …

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Brene Brown Dare to Lead

Do This 1 Thing To Transform Your Relationships

The other week I woke up to a frustrated text from my project manager (and yes, I have a project manager aka PM. More on why you might want to hire a PM to help you with your art business). We have been in the process of adding a full-time virtual assistant (VA) to the …

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Do This To Increase Love In Your Life

After over 2 years of isolating and limiting who we spend time with, I know that I often think about the relationships that matter most to me. Who do I want to stay connected with? And the relief that I can let some relationships go. But I also notice that I am expressing my emotions …

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