Attended Lana Wilson Workshop

Jennifer attended Lana Wilson’s hand built teapot work shop at Artifacts Studio Jan. 26-27.  It was great.  Lana shared her unique textured slab building techniques.

Here is one of the teapots I made at the workshop. The workshop was amazing.  It really helped me loosen up my forms.

The technique that Lana uses to get these rich colored surfaces is surprisingly simple but creates wonderful results.  We started with 1/4 in. thick soft slabs (I used Laguna Cone 5 B-Mix clay) and applied 3 layers of underglazes (one may use colored slips instead) letting each layer dry until shine is gone.  We experimented with patterns and abstract designs.  Then sgraffito designs we carved into the surface.  What makes the sgraffito patterns “pop” is rolling the slab to stretch the design and reveal the layers of color at the edges of the carved lines.

I am excited about the new work that I made during and after the workshop. To see more of my recent work, come see my table at the upcoming Southern Arizona Clay Artists ceramic sale at Tohono Chul Feb. 22-23.


  1. Paula says:

    Hi. This is a note to both Jake and Jennifer. Jake, thank you for writing up this brief alcrtie. I normally do high-fire, but I’ve just done majolica for the first time (a workshop) and thoroughly enjoyed the results. Your observations are consistent with what I found to be true, although we used Duncan Concepts over Arbuckle Glaze. The process is a little finicky (smooth surface, perfect application of white glaze), but the painting was fun something I hadn’t done in far too long! I was wary of low-fire not being very kitchen-safe, but it has a lovely ping sound and seems OK. I loved the picture on your plate! Jennifer, if you’ve ever tried watercolor painting and liked it, this is very similar. No matter where your current interest is in ceramics, it never hurts to experience a different realm in our field. Almost everything learned can be adapted to our current interest; at a minimum, your new knowledge will enrich your total ceramic experience! It was so enjoyable to paint a pot and have it come out of the glaze firing looking exactly the same no blurry edges or runny glaze. I have a feeling you’ll like majolica once you have time to try it. Thanks again, Jake and Jennifer.

  2. Ann Sergott says:

    I love Lana Wilson’s work! And I love the way you implemented her techniques. I had a question: Do you know what kind of glaze Lana uses to finish her pieces? Thanks for your reply,
    Ann Sergott

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