Jennifer C Vigil

Set yourself up for success with an

Art Business Strategy Session

Get a detailed road map for achieving your goals by filling the gaps, simplifying your systems, and clarifying your strategy.

How would it feel to wake up daily with a clear, detailed plan of what you should do to create your dream art business?

Avoid obstacles
Stay focused
Fill the gaps in your art business foundation
Simplify your systems to achieve a sustainable, profitable, and successful art business
Build your art business around your priorities and goals
Start building your dream art business today!

Start the New Year with a strategic plan for success!


I’m Jennifer C. Vigil,
the Art Business Strategist.

With over 30 years experience as an art historian, artist, curator, and freelance writer.

When mentoring artists, I draw upon my diverse art world expertise. I am great at seeing the big picture, knowing how the dots connect, what is missing, and how and when to add those missing parts to help you reach your next goal.

Your art is unique, and your art business should be, too.

For artists like you who want:

What are your goals?

I created my Art Business Strategy Sessions because artists want support and direction but aren’t always ready to go-all in on 1-on-1 coaching but want to work with me to create a plan that they can execute on their own.

I also love offering audit sessions because you may be working with another coach or mentor and need a fresh perspective on your art business from someone whose superpower is seeing the big picture, connecting the dots, and which opportunities are the faster route to your goals.

Whatever you can dream,
we can build

Start your journey today.

After you book your call, you receive a short questionnaire asking about your goals, your current art business, and where you want to be in the next 6 – 12 months.

Then the magic begins

I take a deep dive into your art business with your goals and dream art business lifestyle as my guide.

I look for areas where you can:

Leverage what you have available to increase your bottom line

Are you ready for a clear detailed plan to jumpstart the next 6 months?

Art Business Strategy Session

$ 500
  • We meet for a 3-hour video session where we discuss your art business and I share my insights:
  • On how you can fill any gaps in your business foundation
  • On whether you are taking on commitments and opportunities not in alignment with your goals and desired lifestyle
  • On how you can structure a plan for success.
  • After our call, I send you an Art Business Strategy Session summary with a plan for you to execute over the next 6 months.

This is for you if:

Give me 3 hours and you will leave with a detailes plan and clarity on what you should focus on to reach your goals.

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Get to know Jen

For the past three years, I have been creating a new body of work focusing on the challenges of living at the intersection of multiple identities, never fully located in any one space or community. 

In these works, I explore the idea of liminal beings, creatures that move between or live in between worlds.

My work explores how it feels to be betwixt and between worlds. 

As an artist, I understand how important it is to structure your art business so you have time in your studio. My studio time is sacred, and I want that for you too. You don’t need to sacrifice studio time to create a sustainable and profitable art career. 

Let me help you structure your art business so you have time for what matters most to you!

As an art historian and curator, I appreciate the importance of writing and speaking more powerfully about your work. How you discuss your work makes a difference in getting gallery representation, receiving grants and artist residencies, and exhibitions in museums. 
I am committed to helping you successfully navigate the complexities of the art world so that you can reach your art career goals. 
I’d love to work with you and help you create the art career of your dreams.