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The free 2°Art Community offers a platform where artists can connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive network. Within this space, artists can gain valuable insights into building a sustainable, profitable, and successful art business.The community facilitates collaboration opportunities, encouraging artists to merge talents and explore new horizons together. Members can access information about grants, residencies, exhibitions, and other opportunities.

Have you ever heard about 6 degrees of separation…

The 2°Art community emerged from the idea that…


...come from leveraging 2 degrees of separation, meaning friends of friends.

Reaching your dreams is as close as asking a friend of a friend.

Whether you live in a big city or a smaller community, the life of an artist is very solitary. Finding time or opportunities to connect with other artists can be challenging.

We built the 2° Art Community for you...

Because of this, we wanted to create a space centered around you. Offering connection and support for free. Inside the 2°Art Community, discover the Artist Launchpad–an Intersection of resources, advice, and a place to meet, network, and collaborate with other artists.

What’s inside the 2°Art Community?

In the 2°Art Community, you have many ways to connect, learn, and receive support.

Our free resources can be found in the Artist Launch Pad. The resource library and community are dedicated to supporting you in expanding your network while aiding you in creating a sustainable, profitable, and successful art business that you love waking up to daily.

Make friends, share resources, get inspired.

For teaching artists wanting to stay on track and grow their teaching business, the subscription community the Art Teacher Community offers quarterly themes and monthly focus challenges.

In the 2°Art Community, we believe in the power of abundance. We believe there are more than enough resources, opportunities, and ideas to go around, and when we work together, these all multiply exponentially.

Together, we leverage our skills and knowledge by sharing resources, information, and opportunities, anwering questions, and cheering each other on so we all grow creatively while building our art businesses.

In the 2° Art Community, we harness the power of our networks to support each other in reaching our goals.

We take on so many roles as artists and work in such a competitive and often misunderstood industry. In my experience, we often struggle when we try to go it alone. We see other artists who seem to manage it all without help.

Here’s the secret…

ALL those artists with dream art careers you are yearning for, don’t do it alone (and I don’t either).

Ultimately, we harness the power of our networks to support each other in reaching our goals.

They have help and leverage their networks to make it all happen. It could be freelancers who manage their websites or full or part-time virtual or studio assistants. And you don’t need to go it alone either. That is why we created the 2°Art Community. And I say we here because I didn’t do this alone either. My team is integral in launching this community, managing my social media and marketing, getting online classes done, supporting my coaching clients, managing projects, my podcast, and more so that I have time in my studio.

In the 2°Art Community, you will find resources to help you with every step of your art career. The goal is to ensure you have a solid business foundation so your art business can take off.

I get it.
It is daunting thinking about how to find help.
No worries, we got you.

Inside the Artist Launch Pad, find our list of contractors to help you with your art business.

Are you ready to be part of a network of abundance mindset, empowering artists?

Ultimately, we harness the power of our networks to support each other in reaching our goals.

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Get to know Jen

For the past three years, I have been creating a new body of work focusing on the challenges of living at the intersection of multiple identities, never fully located in any one space or community.

In these works, I explore the idea of liminal beings, creatures that move between or live in between worlds.

My work explores how it feels to be betwixt and between worlds.

As an artist, I understand how important it is to structure your art business so you have time in your studio. My studio time is sacred, and I want that for you too. You don’t need to sacrifice studio time to create a sustainable and profitable art career.

Let me help you structure your art business so you have time for what matters most to you!

As an art historian and curator, I appreciate the importance of writing speaking more powerfully about your work. How you discuss your work makes a difference in getting gallery representation, receiving grants and artist residencies, and exhibitions in museums.

I am committed to helping you successfully navigate the complexities of the art world so that you can reach your art career goals. 
I’d love to work with you and help you create the art career of your dreams.