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Welcome, artists!

I'm Jennifer C.Vigil,

and I know what it’s like to try and balance (seemingly) disparate parts of my own creative life — as an artist, academic, art historian, curator, writer, podcaster, and art business strategist. 

My passion is to shift the field…

… to help artists speak more powerfully about their work
… to work one-on-one with established artists to develop custom art business strategies
… to guide and empower professional artists as they expand their creative voices into successful and profitable careers
… to guide and empower professional artists as they expand their creative voices into successful and profitable careers

And I would love to work with you.

Art Teacher Community

Connection, knowledge, solutions

As artists, we crave connection, having a community of artists with whom we can communicate, collaborate, create, and have deep conversations about ideas, processes, and the important role of art and artists in society.


Studio to Success

How to Strategically Plan for Profit

Take Stock, Plan, Transform
Your Art Business In 2024

Jan. 21-23, 2024, 1 pm to 4 pm MT

Ambition is not a Dirty Word!

The biggest issue that professional artists struggle with is understanding capacity and velocity — how much they are capable of creating, and the speed at which they can do it consistently. Because of this, many artists take on an optimistic, aspirational view of their capacity.

You know you’re taking on too many projects — or ones that aren’t really a fit.
You know you’re pushing yourself right to the edge of your margins.
You know you keep getting sucked into the minutiae of keeping your art business going.
You know you keep getting sucked into the minutiae of keeping your art business going.
As a multi-passionate creative, I get it.

I know how it feels to look at what you want your art business to be, and where you are, and see only the chasm between those two points. The good news is that within this space is immense possibility.

You know what you want

and I can help you get there.

Set yourself up for success

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...when you work with me you work with my team.

The artists working at this higher level aren’t doing it alone. They have a team behind them. A strategy. They have methods and practices that help them move forward with purpose and intention. 

When you work with me, you work with my team. Together, we’ll get clear on your real capacity and velocity so you can define a goal that’s consistent, sustainable, and profitable. 

We’ll build in margins that fit your needs and your path so you’re not working right to the edge all day, every day. 

Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of the art world so you can take ownership of your art business and step up to the next level of financial and professional success.

We’ll create and hold that space, prioritize your individual needs and goals, and honor your creative process so you can do the work you’ve been called to do.

...we will honor your creative process so you can do the work youve been called to do.

I want to help you make it to the next stage of your art career.

My goal is to create a community of like-minded, abundance-paradigm artists who are ambitious, purposeful, and intentional in their work and businesses.

Learn more about 2°Art Community, get free resources, and join the community.

Victoria Veedell with a collector who purchased one of her paintings at The Other Art Fair in Santa Barbara, CA.
The Ambitious Artists’ Cafe annual retreat–mapping out your big projects for 2023.
During the Ambitious Artists’ Cafe annual retreat, we use the 4-H process. When you share, you let us know if you want to be helped, heard, hugged, or hoorayed.
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If you’re interested in customized strategic planning, support from me and my team, or one-on-one coaching…

Get to know Jen

For the past three years, I have been creating a new body of work focusing on the challenges of living at the intersection of multiple identities, never fully located in any one space or community. 

In these works, I explore the idea of liminal beings, creatures that move between or live in between worlds.

My work explores how it feels to be betwixt and between worlds.

Coming soon.

 Listen to my podcast Imperfect Conversations about art at the intersection of culture, history, race, gender, and the forces shaping our current moment with fellow art historian and friend Melanie.

Art Business Support…
Every Step of the Way

I believe in supporting professional artists no matter where they’re at in their careers. I developed the 2°Art Community to help you at every stage as you build your art business. Sign up for the 2° Art Community and dive into the resources in the Artist Launch Pad.

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